Once housed in Blythe's Scott County Museum, our collection is the lifelong accumulation of Gary Blythe. Gary's passion for history led him all over the world, but his focus was always Scott County, Arkansas.


Our collection includes:

  • Thousands of Native American artifacts from Mississippian, Eastern, Southwestern, and Pre-Columbian cultures.

  • Revolutionary War Items.

  • Civil War-era artifacts.

  • Over 100 different Firearms.

  • World War I and World War II artifacts.

  • Numerous 19th-century tools, books, photos, home goods, and other items.

  • A 19th Century Doctor's Buggy belonging to Dr. Cheves Bevill.

  • Local works of Art.

  • Ancient Roman artifacts.

  • And Much More!

Our Special Exhibition Room will feature rotating exhibits of a variety of artifacts.