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Our 2024 Annual Calendar is Here!! Be sure and check the calendar for upcoming Events throughout the year. SCOMOH Events are marked in Red.

SCOMOH will be adding additional objectives to its current Mission beginning this year in 2023 via the following statement:

    In light of what has happened in the past year regarding the destruction of historical monuments and memorials, the Scott County Museum of History would like to issue a statement on the subject. SCOMOH in no way condones the destruction, removal, condemnation, vandalism or revisionist reinterpretation of any historical monuments, memorials, statues, signage, or grave markers regarding Early European Explorers, the Nation’s Founding Fathers, Revolutionary War Patriots, The American Revolution, Confederate Historical Figures, The War Between the States, and other Southern Historical Figures. The argument for removal of such objects of historical importance is based in ignorance and prejudice against certain aspects of our nation’s history.

    History is often far more complex than most people realize and is rarely studied to the fullest extent possible. It is obvious that political components are the main motivators behind the agenda that is seeking to remove and revise certain portions of U.S. History. Professional and amateur historians alike have sought to align themselves with this agenda for the sake of political correctness. Because of the injustices being committed SCOMOH is now making the preservation of history regarding the aforementioned historical topics part of its objective. This will be done in accordance with our current mission which is to preserve and maintain our current collection, acquire and preserve other artifacts pertaining to Scott County’s heritage, and educate the public about the history of Scott County and the Greater Ouachita Region.

A New Lighting and Electrical system has been installed on the Second and Third Floors of the Building.

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