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Welcome To the scott county
museum of history

The Scott County Museum of History is committed to preserving the history of Scott County, Arkansas. Our museum features an extensive collection of local artifacts ranging from early Native American to Present. Included in our collection are items of special interest that are housed in our Archives Room. We also host community events, workshops, fundraisers, and special exhibit viewings. Come visit and discover the rich history of Scott County, Arkansas.


Who we are

Over 70 years in the making, our beginning is as unique as our collection. If you're thinking about a visit or just curious as to who we are, simply click the link below.


Be a part of the Scomoh family

​​​​​​Become a member of SCOMOH and discover all of the advantages available. We have a range of membership options to choose from.

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The Scott County Museum of History houses an extensive collection of Native American artifacts from Mississippian, Eastern, Southwestern and Pre-Columbian cultures. We also have an eclectic collection of items from Europe and Asia. Our collection of local items includes over 200 firearms, Revolutionary and Civil War era artifacts, 19th Century tools, furniture, stoneware, and much more.


SCOMOH is pleased to provide several opportunities for educators and those looking to expand their knowledge base. These include:

  • School Tours

  • Workshops

  • Professional Development

  • Research Opportunities

The 2nd Annual Museum Gala will be held January 13, 2024 at Memorial Hall next to the Museum. Tickets are available on our website. 

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